My Biography

Warriorsound was founded by Selecta Ditch and Mattia in the summer of 2002 and they played their first dance in Hilden, Germany. After the big success they earned on the first dance, Warriorsound was invited to play at U-Club in Wuppertal, Germany´s best known club for reggae and dancehall. And it had only just begun…

After establishing a regular dance on every third Friday of the month in U-Club called “warriornight”, Mattia started his own weekly regular in a bar in Wuppertal and chose to call it: “Mattia´s Jamaican Thursday”. Since the bar closed, the dance had to move and Mattia was offered to play his weekly regular in U-Club, which was plausible, because he attracted a huge crowd every week. “Mattia´s Jamaican Thursday” became a common currency in Wuppertal for years and is still known as the place to be on Thursday nights.

In late 2008 Selecta Ditch left the sound for different reasons, nevertheless he did not lose his love for the music and the sound. Even today, there is a close link between Mattia and Ditch! He did a lot for the sound and will always be one of the most influencing factors in Warriorsound´s musical career.