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Known internationally for the depth of their dubplate box, their innovative way to approach reggae soundclashes and dancehall shows, the Italian dubplate masters better known as Heavy Hammer Sound consists of a team of DJs and MCs who travels the globe playing reggae, dancehall and hip hop music.

Established in 1999 in a small city near Lecce in Salento, an hot area of south Italy called by many “the Italian Jamaica”, the formula was born as four friends united by the love for reggae dancehall music and Jamaican culture, a sound system, and some crazy dancehall parties in front of the sea until sunlight.

In these years Heavy Hammer Sound has constantly toured the whole world, including all main European countries, United Kingdom, USA, Jamaica and Japan, including multiple performances in all biggest European reggae festivals.

Heavy Hammer is also the resident sound in the biggest Italian summer yard, the world famous Mamanera Beach in S. Foca near Lecce, where the legendary parties on the beach during the summer season are usually attended by about 5000 people, while they share the turntables with the best names in the reggae business worldwide playing reggae music until the morning lights.

The Mamanera Beach unique phenomenon has been described by a dedicated documentary, available on YouTube at:

The Heavy Hammer crew is now made by eightmembers: Raffa, Gecky, Gigi, Quasta, Lep, Boris, Lele and Charly.

More than a decade in the business, collaborations with the most important reggae artists and worldwide selectors, hundreds of dancehalls and stages, as well as the unique dubplate box are the elements that give to the Heavy Hammer’s shows something exclusive that can’t be easily repeated.

The dubplate masters from Italy are ready anytime to mash up your party!